High quality website development

If you are a small to medium sized business looking for a modern, attractive website that works beautifully across all devices, is easy to update, quick to load, secure and accessible then I may be able to help you.

Or if you are a web agency or organisation looking to outsource front-end or WordPress work.

After a Computing degree and a couple of years at IBM I spent seven years with a substantial Midlands web agency, the latter half as lead front-end developer - a role where an eye for detail was essential. Then relocated and, for the last decade, have provided (mostly remotely) freelance front-end and full website development services to web agencies and designers and directly to organisations and businesses, bringing that same eye for detail together with an emphasis on excellent responsive performance and presentation.

What type of organisation are you?

SME Business

I can provide attractive and high quality websites to small and medium sized businesses. With a focus on responsive design, speed, stability and ease of updating content, your website will work well and look great on all devices, load fast, be secure and be a valuable asset to your business for the long term. Website care plans are also available if you would like ongoing support for your website.

If you're looking for support or changes for an existing WordPress site not built by me that could be a possibility. I would need to have a good look at the site first to assess its suitability.

Web / Marketing agency

Services that I can offer that may be of interest to a typical web agency:

  • Development of a comprehensive set of responsive front-end templates for larger projects which are usually then integrated into an enterprise CMS by your developers or by an outsourced back-end team
  • Development of a smaller set of responsive front-end templates to be integrated into WordPress or other open source CMS by your developers
  • Development of complete WordPress websites.

Web Designer

If you're a web designer who prefers to concentrate mainly on the design aspects of a project and work with a developer to bring designs to life then I can assist with creating a WordPress theme based on your designs, either piggybacking on a suitable premium theme or developing a custom theme from the ground up. Designers who give a lot of thought to responsive design are particularly welcome!

Or if you look after existing sites but the original developer is no longer in the picture and you need some help with certain aspects of site care or modification etc. that could be a possibility.

Large organisation

It's not uncommon for a large organisation to have many different websites developed by different parties over time and using a variety of technologies. Often there will be one or more WordPress sites in this mix and I may be able to assist if you are looking for someone to carry out work on these.

I may also be able to help if you are looking to outsource the development of solid responsive front-end templates for integration with a large project.

Additionally, I can also carry out testing of third-party project deliverables against functional specification documents.

Previous work includes projects for companies such as:

  • Vodafone
  • TNT
  • IKEA
  • Healthy Back Bag
  • Red Square Pictures
  • Virgin Active
  • Musto

Recent projects include:

  • Multiple WordPress sites for a major London casting agency
  • Complete front-end for UNHCR Intranet
  • Complete front-end for one of the UK's leading electrical spare parts retailers (approximately 1.5 million visitors per month).

Where am I?

For the last decade I've been based in the heart of the Peak District in Derbyshire between Sheffield and Manchester enjoying the beautiful local scenery and many glorious gritstone edges, nowadays with my partner and two young children. However, working as a mostly remote freelancer means I've been able to continue delivering web development services to both web agencies and directly to clients in UK, Europe and USA.